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Earth House Champions

The Efroymson Family Fund
The Freije Family
The Indianapolis Foundation
SmallBox Web Design
Data Recovery By Abney & Associates
Chris Baggott
Lockerbie Central United Methodist Church 

Earth House Partners


Earth House Advocates

Christel DeHaan Family Foundation
Meridian Street United Methodist Church
United Way
Trevor Belden

Earth House Allies

Young and Laramore
Invoke Studios
George Stohner
Bobbie O'Connor
Joanna Nixon
Paul Knapp
Steve Githens
Stuart Mora
Brent and Lauren Wright
Rebecca Craver

Earth House Supporters

Jennifer Craver
Adam Hershberger
Alex Reiff
Elizabeth Foxx
Ellen Meagher
Frank & Mary Ann Clifford
Helen-Louise Boling
Henry Bayt
Jason Drake
Joseph Shierling
Kari Fritz
Kathryn Smith
Liam Roche
Natalie Ingle
Pedro Delhgado
Jennifer Disla
Rebecca Craver
Sandra Rodriguez
Jennifer Edwards
Haley Drummond
Janneane Blomenberg
Brian Mack
Lorraine Ball
Janneane Blevins
Jenni Edwards
Kenan Farrell
Damon Seacott
Lauren Stanisic
Steven Rosenberg
Robert Carrol
Matthew Johnson
Megan Johnson

Natalie Clayton
Craig Lile
Joseph Schuyler
Twin Peaks
Kyle Hodges
Heidi Gluck
Candy Irven
Matthew Barloh
Michelle Bray
Pat Valentine
Suzanne Zaleski
Adrienne Bailey
Christopher Huffman
Cathy Nguyen
Trevor Belden
Kari Fritz
Jason Drake
Todd Wilkinson
Kate Franzman
Natalie Ingle
Susan Ardelean
Melissa Marquadt
Debra Gazaway
Jeffrey Nordyke
Carrie Hutnicke
Adrian Kolbo
Whitney Gent
Kyle Lacy
Brian Lauterbach
Jeb Banner
Jon Nolen
Dave Leininger
Lauren Weatherall
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