May 25, 2012
Indy Film Fest presents: THE NOONER
It's lunch. It's short films. It's afternoon delight.
Indy Film Fest presents: THE NOONER

  Indy Film Fest brings you some hot free-ness for lunch. Come watch a few hand-selected short films with us and grab lunch at the Earth House Cafe. They'll serve up their local fare throughout the film. Consider it your monthly lunch date.

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Featured Member

Bill Bunting

An active member at Earth House for over 2 years, Bill Bunting is the sifu of the Taiji school and master of the Chuan-Yi-Fo-Tang (one of two I-Kuan-Tao temples in Indianapolis.)

Bill's classes meet in the Earth House Sanctuary every Monday evening at 5pm.

Thanks Bill for being a long lasting member of Earth House and for enriching the lives of your many students.

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