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April 9, 2012
DJ Logic At Earth House: Old Meets New
by Ryan Brock   |   1 COMMENT
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You do a Google search for DJ Logic, and one of the first results to pop up is a YouTube video titled "Billie Holiday - Glad to Be Unhappy." You hop over to the video, and you hear Billie's froggy voice spill out of your speakers. Strings and horns lift her up, and you lose yourself in the soulful jazz. Then DJ Logic slips in to knock you off your feet about a minute in and proves to you that even the airiest of jazz classics can be the perfect canvas for a splash of something novel. As the bass kicks up, you hear the old colliding with the new, the classic with the cool, the yesterday with the here and now.

Maybe that's why we think the old sanctuary of the Earth House Collective is the perfect place to hear DJ Logic's unique blend of soul jazz and hip hop beats. On April 14 at 7:00 pm, we're hosting DJ Logic as part of Upland Brewing Company's Infinite Wisdom Tripel Release Show. We caught up with Logic to talk to him about the show, and he's excited to meet up with his fans in Indy.

"I'm looking forward to playing in Indianapolis and bringing some good times and some good music," said Logic. "Every night is something different, so unique, engaging with the fans and meeting new fans who might not have heard of me. I love performing in new places because it's always a special thing."

DJ Logic's current tour is taking him throughout Alabama, out to Vale, Colorado, to the Earth House in Indy, and then on to New York City and beyond. On such a whirlwind schedule, we had to ask Logic what made his stop in Indy stand out. In so few words? The chance to play at a live music venue like the Earth House, where his classic style will feel right at home.

"I try to catch the old and the young in my collaborations… I love that. You learn from the old as you learn from the new, and you just put it in your own way. That's how I look at it, and I'm looking forward to the show. It's going to be great."

Don't miss your chance to see DJ Logic live at the Earth House on April 14. Check out our Facebook event for more information, and go buy your tickets right this instant.

Count me in! I'll be there for sure. DJ Logic is one of my fave!
Amy April 10, 2012

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