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September 14, 2011
New Blog-innings
by Jordan Updike   |   3 COMMENTS
New Blog-innings

First off, I promise to stay away from terrible puns as titles in the future... but it's 6am and everything is funny right now.

There's a mixture of excitement and exhaustion and goofiness (did I mention exhaustion?) in the air in the Earth House Cafe this morning.  The brilliant Smallbox team is still building modules, creating content and coding the dawn away, and I'm just trying to keep up!

As we pass the 3/4 mark, I can't help but think of the magic that's happening in this room.  Think about it.  These two budding nonprofits find themselves in that position of doing great work but not having enough resources to do it as effectively as they could...and tonight Smallbox is sharing the best of its resources and talent, no strings attached. It's life-changing stuff for both organizations.  We're both growing up - quite literally - overnight.

It's that giving attitude that makes this community great.  It's what makes this city great.

With the new tools we're gaining today, you should be able to participate in the Earth House experience even if you can't make it through our doors.  We'll be able to publish show reviews and previews, videos and all kinds of creative content about the stuff that happens here. We're so excited to be able to share!

So join us!  If you haven't been to a show lately, come check one out.  Are you writer? Photographer?  Join our content teams to cover the local art that's being created and performed right here.  Earth House, after all is YOU.

...and please, thank the great folks @smallbox for their great work.  The change they're making for @earthhouse and @indycog is helping each of us continue making the change we work on every day.


Thanks Jordan. I felt the "magic" too and I felt that as much as we helped grow two well-deserving organizations, we helped our team grow closer than ever. It was a pleasure to give of ourselves to help the community we live in and love.

Sometimes we (society in general) take our talents/skills for granted, not realizing that what comes "easily" to ourselves might not to others, and that by simply taking the time to share what we know (are good at) that we can make a much greater impact on the world.
Leigh Marino September 17, 2011
Congrats on the site! It looks fabulous.
jonathan September 15, 2011
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Karl Hofstetter September 15, 2011

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